Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shoes & Clothes

On our trip to Park City we bought each Thing a pair of shoes. A couple of days later we went to my Clothes & Shoes supply in the garage and I opened a bin loaded with sports stuff and cleats. OMG! it was Christmas morning! They each found a pair of soccer cleats to wear. I thought, oh cool, those will be fun when we play soccer. Well, they have been wearing them ever since. The only time I have seen them in other shoes is when we go to church.

We picked through the clothes and found some more fun things to wear, but they really have their favorites so we just keep washing those.

When they first got here they kept their room very picked up. The other day I walked by and saw clothes and stuff everywhere. I was relieved and glad to see that they were normal kids! I was beginning to wonder if they thought our house was too messy for them because it has not been too picked up since they got here but now I can relax about all of that.

Can I just say that these beautiful children are amazing and my life will never be the same again. We are so happy they have found their way into our lives!