Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why is that raisin moving?!?!?!

Yesterday Sasha came home from school and ran upstairs to find me.  No big deal, he always does that.  Then he handed me a little container with dry oatmeal in it.  No big deal again.  I was on the phone so I was just looking at this oatmeal and Sasha's happy face wondering why is he giving me oatmeal.  When he gets excited he doesn't speak really clearly so, oh well, I smiled and kept talking.  As I was looking at the oatmeal, I wondered why the big raisin in the oatmeal was moving.  That's when I realized that he had handed me a little container of oatmeal with a very big live beetle in it! I really hate bugs!  I handed it back and asked "why do you have a big beetle?"  He said (all smiles) my teacher gave it to me.  Was she trying to get back at me for giving her a difficult year!  Why did she send him home with a big beetle?  I don't get it.  Needless to say, he released his beetle into the wild and that was that.  But, I have to say, he was pretty happy about that bug!

Just a quick update on everything else....

Andy and Vitaliy both celebrated their birthdays on the same day in May.  Vitaliy turned 16 and Andy turned 40!  Both big birthdays.  Vitaliy got a new bike - a far cry from a car but he loves, loves, loves it.  He got a few others things along with an Addidas jacket and pants.  They are black and he wore them for several days in a row when I finally said to him "It is going to be hot today, you are wearing long sleeves and all black.....and.... you are now an official cartoon character so it is time to change your clothes."  He finally did but he has worn them a couple more times since.  In Ukraine the Addidas brand is "all that!" But here it is just another sports brand.  He really hasn't figured that out yet...but I am glad he really likes it.

Tiffany took Michael and Tyler to Lagoon and they were modeling their new glasses.  They had an amazing time.  It is funny how you can look at your almost grown children and picture them still really little.  I am so glad they all get along so well now that they are older....for the most part anyway.

Mother's Day was fabulous.  My favorite gift was given to me by my 15 year old, Jason.  He secretly videotaped everyone in the family and asked them what they love about me.

Jackson - loves me and I make good food

Cali - loves me, I make good food and I am nice (I am glad the times when I am not don't stand out), oh and I pray with her

Dustin - I make good food again - go figure, I help a lot - he loves me too

Sasha - loves me, says I am nice and he is so happy that I got him from Ukraine (my heart melted)

Jenae - had a long list but loves it when we go out together and I buy her candy and pop-tarts, she said she loves that I always exercise in the morning because she would rather die than do that

Jason - was very sweet and told me how he thought I was great and if he ever yells at me the way Michael       does I am supposed to show him the video so he will stop doing it

Vitaliy - said I am awesome and he is glad I am always trying to fix him (I loved that part because when we are having the mother/child conversations I tell him that I don't have many years with him and I am just trying to help him be better - maybe he is getting it after all)

Tyler - He said that he loves me and that he loves that I just lay it out on the line, no beating around the bush...I say it like it is...weird...he likes that!

Michael - loves me cause I make good food and clean up...but also because I am there when he needs me (oooh!)

Tiffany - she made me cry when she talked about how I am a great example to her and how she wants to be like me some day - she doesn't seem to realize that she is soooooo much better than me and she is an example to me!

Andy - He said beautiful things that a husband should say and I love him right back!

So - I had a great mother's day and I love my family - what more could you ask for! I have spent way too much time on the blog....back to homework....until next time!

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  1. What a sweet mother's day idea!! I love it! I must say that I agree with Jenae-I'd rather die than exercise:) It's so fun to see you posting again. Sorry I missed your call. I am always. at. the. school.