Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Fun!

Before Summer officially started Michael graduated from High School with his High School Diploma from Pleasant Grove High and his Associates in Science degree from Utah Valley University....Yeah!!!!! Jenae also graduated from 6th grade.

Summer fun has started.  Vitaliy is working on reaching the rank of Eagle Scout so our amazing Scoutmaster is having Vitaliy work with him as much as possible.  Vitaliy went with Sasha's group on an overnight backpacking trip.  The first words out of Vitaliy's mouth when he got home were, "That was awesome!".  They both had an amazing time and we are so glad.  We talked with our Scoutmaster and he said how helpful Vitaliy was for all the boys and how he is a good leader.  I was happy to hear that.  I think it is great that he is having this opportunity.  He really loves the outdoors and there is nothing better than Scouting for that!  He is currently on track to be able to earn his Eagle before he turns 18.  We are proud of his determination.

Sasha turned twelve at the end of May and passed the Sacrament with the Deacons today for the first time.  He did an awesome job.  I was proud of him for taking it so seriously and doing his best.

 This is Vitaliy and Sasha when they were getting ready to leave on their camp out.

 Andy and the boys!

 This is them walking down the street to meet their troop.  Sasha was struggling a bit on the hike so Vitaliy ended up taking Sasha's portion of the tent and carried it for him.

 This is when they got home.

 Jenae graduated from 6th grade.

This is Michael and his girlfriend, Maggie, on their graduation day.

We are all looking forward to all of the camps, (girls camp, scout camp, varsity camp, venture camp, timberline) this summer.  It ought to be busy!

I had to share this one.  Our puppy, Lizzy is getting big and we all love having her so much.  She is a great dog!

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  1. That is a cute puppy!! And I love all the pics of your family! You guys are so awesome! We're trying to get Danny to get his Eagle too, but with not quite as much enthusiasm (from us or him, he's our first to do this so it's kind of like the blind leading the blind). Good inspiration. I can't believe that Sasha is 12!! I had forgotten how old he was! Miss you! Keep in touch-even if it is through blogging:)