Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Airport

We were all very excited to get to the Airport to pick up the kids. It was like waiting for Christmas morning. Even though we knew their plane was delayed, we got to the airport by 10:00 pm. One of the group leaders came up to us when we got there and told us that Alex Cabrero from KSL Channel Five wanted to follow a family for the evening and would we like to do it. I said sure, it should be fun. So he interviewed Andy and I separately and then kept a microphone on me for the evening. We were waiting to be told our group had arrived but no one ever did. Finally we were asked which kids we had and were told that they were there. When they brought the boys over to us it was great to see them in person. I saw them and thought, wow, they are really here. Of course they were really shy and were probably thinking we were nuts. We all just stared at each other for a while. I will refer to them as Thing 1 (the older) and Thing 2 (the younger).

My friend has taught me how to blog and she refers to her kids by number/sex so that is what I will do.

Okay, back to story. We tried to communicate with the kids, took a group picture, then a family picture and drove home. We have to take two cars everywhere we go so I drove most of the kids and hubby drove some. It was the quietest car ride I have ever taken. I love to talk, but, what was I supposed to say. I also love to listen to music when I drive but wasn't sure if that would be annoying to them because it is all in English. So we silently drove. I thought, well, it really wouldn't be that long, but, they were condensing I15 down to one lane and we were stuck in traffic for a very long time. It was like midnight, why weren't all these people at home!

When we got home our missionary friend met us at our house at 12:45 am to help us show the kids around the house. We all were not really tired after that so I thought maybe I should find something on YouTube for the kids to keep them entertained. I asked my kids and they directed me to this recording of all these near accident. I didn't know what it was so I started to play it and it was kind of scary. I was like, No No, they are going to think we are absolutely crazy.

Then, we pulled out the soccer ball and that's all it took. The kids all went out in the backyard and played soccer until 2:00 am. We sat outside and watched. It was sooooo much fun. I didn't have to worry about us being loud for the neighbors because no one could really talk to each other so all you heard was the ball hitting the fence.

We finally went to bed sometime after 2:00. It was a great start!

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