Sunday, October 31, 2010

What to do? What to eat?

The first morning, we were not sure how to communicate. What would they want to do? What do they want to eat? How was I going to ask? There was a lot of hand gestures and talking loud and slow, like that was going to help. English isn't any easier slowly if you don't know it to begin with. But, we managed to give them food. We had prepared this big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage thinking they would be hungry. They each had one small pancake and nothing else. Oh well, no worries, if its one thing our family knows it is how to eat. We managed to finish the rest. The kids played more soccer and then we had an activity to get ready for.

We met the group at the swimming activity. Thing 1 went and hung out with his friends but stopped to say hi to us once in a while. Thing 2 played with boy8 and girl5 a lot. Then, dad got into the water and well, if you know dad, it was all fun from there. Thing 2 did not stop smiling from that point on! We made a train on the lazy river and they went round and round and round. I was kind of bummed because I forgot my camera but other people took pictures for me. Boy3 did not want to get in the water so I had to sit on the side with him. The train looked so fun that I finally took him in the water screaming so we could join in with everyone. We had a great time!

After swimming we took them to Park City. We wanted to buy them Vans shoes. It is a family favorite brand of shoes. It was pouring raining and scary driving but we made it. We had three cars as girl21 came along to shop with us. We stopped at Wendy's to eat. Thing2 had the best time serving all of us our food. He played waiter and was still all smiles. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Thank goodness cause we take up a lot of space and no one was there to complain when we started to play frisbee inside the restaurant.

Off to shopping. Thing 1 had his shoes picked out immediately, but Thing 2 could not decide. We got each of them a hat and when we finally checked out, Thing 2 could still not decide. But, at the very last minute, he picked out a pair that were the same as dads. Thing 2 loves papa!

We did some more shopping and headed home. On the ride home, they both fell fast asleep. All that travel finally caught up to them.

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