Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Hours isn't so long!

We told the boys we were going to church early the next morning. We have 9:00 o'clock church. Honestly, I don't remember how I told them, but I did. That morning I went into their room with their church clothes and they both looked at me like, uh, I don't think so. But being the sweet boys that they are, they agreed. Thing 1's pants were too small but with great friends and a few phone calls, we had a pair that fit him quickly.

Backing up for a minute...I have to tell you about the first time they saw their room. The night we showed them around the house we took them into their room. My good friend loaned us a bunk bed and I watched their faces when they saw their room. Their eyes lit up and they were thrilled to see their beds. I motioned to Thing 1 as to which bed he wanted and he smiled as he pointed to the top bunk. It was really cute!

We had our missionary translator meet us at church so Thing 1 could have a translator with him. Thing 2 really didn't care if he knew what anyone was saying. He went to class with boy8 and had a really great time. Our missionary friend gave Thing 1 a Book of Mormon in Russian and he read like four chapters during class. Our friend had to leave by Sacrament meeting. Again, Thing 2 was fine and did really well. He only got restless the last 10-15 minutes. Not bad! I wanted to make sure Thing 1 was okay so during Sacrament I put a piece of paper between us and we played tic-tac-toe. He beat me time and time again. Apparently my brain has been completely fried over the years. After that, he drew pictures. What an artist he is!

Church was great. When we got home I motioned that they could change their clothes and they were so relieved. They are good sports!

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  1. Kim! This is great! I'm glad and jealous that you had such a good church experience. Ours today was a little improved, but not much. Sigh. I can't believe the ketsup on oatmeal-that is sick!! See you tomorrow! Steph