Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 23

Not a lot to report on today. We were supposed to walk to church this morning but when we woke up it was windy and stormy out. We contemplated the buses but we didn’t feel too confident about that. We were able to pull up Saturday morning’s conference online this morning and Saturday afternoon’s this evening so that is what we ended up doing. We really wish we could have gone today but we would have had to take a taxi and that kind of defeats keeping the Sabbath by making someone else work to get us there. Saturday conference was great though. So many talks were relevant to the way we feel being over here. We were also able to Skype home and talk with family. I was able to talk with my Mom today. That was the first time in over three weeks and it was great.

I am posting pictures today of our apartment. There is one picture of me making toast using the stovetop. We are supposed to have crepes again for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, food is a wonderful comfort when life is stressful. We have gotten pretty creative with cooking.

One other picture I am posting is a picture of a little old lady sitting in a window. This was taken yesterday in the bottom floor of the mall where the grocery store is at. The door with the blue sign is the bathroom and the lady in the window collects money to use the bathroom. I am sure it costs extra to use toilet paper!

So, today we spent the day watching conference while Kerry knitted and I made friendship bracelets for the kids at the orphanage. It continued to storm and rain most of the day so it ended up being a good day to stay indoors.

We are going to the orphanage tomorrow but we will be spending the morning walking because we have sat all day long. The rest and staying indoors is really therapeutic for us and helps to refresh us for another week. Hopefully, Kerry will get her passport stuff done this week and head out by the end of the week. It is exciting to know that we are all lining up to finish the process and head home.

For those of you who do not know, Andy did make it home safely and the kids are very glad to have him home. To all those of Andy’s friends please make sure he doesn’t completely remodel the house while I am gone. Thanks…I appreciate that.

I know you all have been reading the blog and I love that. Please leave me a little comment because I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your love and prayers.


  1. I am still on a high for getting to Skype you today. What a thrill. Everything about this whole process is amazing. I know you are doing the right thing. It will be a big challenge getting them prepared for life here in America, ie school, language, friends, etc., but with God's help it can be done. Patience, patience !! Take care and be safe. Love Mom

  2. Gotta love our modern technology!! What a huge blessing. Conference today was great, too. I can't really remember how to make friendship bracelets. I was thinking I would need a quick tutorial, but by the time we get there it will be summer. What to do then?!?! I'm guessing we'll be outside. A lot. I want you to come to Ukraine and cook for me:).

  3. What a wonderful experience today being able to skype with you!!!! I really enjoyed being able to see you and talk with you. You were saying today that everything is little - it looks like your stove is little also! I really enjoyed looking at these pictures after skyping because I can see the wall behind you and where you were sitting when I talked with you. Lots of patterns in the carpet and walls and curtains!

    I love you so much - take care and I hope all goes well at the orphanage tomorrow and that the weather gets better!!!

    Love, Karen

  4. Isn't the 10-day wait the most boring time of all? So far away and so little to do...just give yourself some room to be a little on the laxed. I can imagine with 8 kids, that probably does not happen much in your home. :)

    I'll try and pop onto Skype tomorrow and say hello. I don't have a camera but would love to just say hello and check in with you.

    Give your boys and the other kids our love!

  5. Hi there! Sunday conference was pretty good. However, I'm not sure we heard much of it. The girls we so excited to have Jason home for the entire day, plus there was 4 inches of snow outside this morning. They were crazy loud and running around. Oh well, at least Jordyn told us to listen to the Prophet when he came on. So funny!

    On my mission we used to make toast over the stove all of the time. But, my favorite thing to eat was white rice with hard boiled eggs and mayo. Sounds gross now, but it was SO good then.

    Today Jason and I made our VERY first homemade bread. I am not a cook/baker so this is a huge deal for us. One step closer to being domesticated. :) Oh, we made some cookies too and took them up to your house. Hope they like them...

    Hope things are going well!! Enjoy your week.
    Love, Sara Hunter

  6. It has been fun to read your posts, though I am not as good about writing. (especially on my itouch, like now). Conference was great, as usual. I certainly needed it and can't wait to go back and read it in print and study it. Kim, I cannot place myself in your shoes. You are doing a marvelous thing, bringing those boys here, giving them a better chance. Your incredible faith will sustain you through it all. You are loved and missed and appreciated. I am glad things are going so well. I wish I was going to be here when you get home, but I will be with my family for my nieces wedding. We need to have a huge party when you get back! I just want to be there too, or even be the hostess! ;). Better go for now before this thing dies on me. I send you my love and hugs...Shirley

  7. I know how much I appreciated the comments left on my blog, and still do for that matter. So, I'm here to say...LOVE YOU! I love reading about your adventure and it helps me remember that I didn't dream it all. :) So, how do they do conference out there? Just watch it as a branch the week after?