Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 26

I took this picture when we were walking.  It is an abandoned building not far from our apartment.

This building was right next to the other building.  There is graffiti all over this building.  You can't see it but behind the tree to the right on the side of the building are the olympic rings.

I love this picture.  When thinking about the number of Saints here (two hundred and fifty members, but not all active) vs. the population of the city which is in the millions there is so much work to be done in this city.  Which, incidentally, makes me think that many of these children being adopted may be sent here as missionaries in the future.  Anyhow...I saw this mother walking with her son, hand in hand.  She is carry his backpack and it made me think, again, that we are really all the same.  It is all about the family and the love we have for each other and the desire to spend eternity together.  With all that is so different here, this picture says otherwise.  There is a mother who loves her son and a son who loves his mom.  In front of them are three young girls sharing a snack after school.  We really are all the same!

These are the lockers at the grocery store that we go to.

These two little windows is one of the many places to exchange money.  You slip your money under the window and she exchanges for Ukraine money and gives you a receipt to sign saying you counted it and it is right.

This is Lucy and I after a day of walking and shopping.

I went to bed really late last night because I was skyping home so I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am.  Lucy made it here safely around 7:30 am and we both went back to bed for a while.  Today was not an orphanage day and I was looking forward to a lot of walking.  When I woke up I heard the rain I was really disappointed.  But, by the time we got up and ready the rain was gone.  We walked for hours and hours today just window shopping and going to different markets.  I finally found the store Roger told us about that is like Wal-Mart.  It was a great store and very well stocked.  We really just looked around and picked up a couple small things.  Whenever you go into a store they have lockers for you to lock up any bags your carrying.  They don’t want you to carry anything more than a purse with you in the store.  Apparently they have had problems with shoplifting. 

It is really great to have Lucy with me.  She is great company, loves to walk and speaks the language.  Works for me!

I talked with Kerry today and she made it safely to Kiev but does not have internet yet.  Hopefully she will soon but for those of you who know her, she is doing well and Nan is there with her.  Although, Nan should be here tomorrow. 

So I don’t have much to report today.  Tomorrow we will go to the orphanage and visit the kids.  I am supposed to be seeing Vitaliy’s brother again and meeting his sister for the first time.  I am a little nervous. 

I am glad to report another day down.  I was able to talk with people on skype yesterday for several hours and it was wonderful.  I love any contact from home.  Can’t wait to go home but life is still doing well here. 

Thanks for your prayers!!!


  1. Love your blog. I was wondering, have any of the church members invited you to their homes? I guess it would be difficult because of the language. Glad you have a roommate that likes to walk, knowing you like to exercise! Remember when you were anxious to get started? Well, now you've posted Day 26, so you are making progress. Stay positive. We all miss you and love you. Mom

  2. So glad you were only alone for a few hours! I love to think about how we are all the same and how we may have even known each other before being here on earth. I was excited to see the picture of the lady wearing jeans:) I can't believe you are almost done!! Before you know it, this part of the adventure will be over and you will be missing the kids at the orphanage. Except for the smell. haha!

  3. You have someone to keep you company...hooray! Lucy looks and sounds like a nice girl and she came at just the right time to keep you company. Walking is definitely a stress reliever and doing it with someone else makes it much more fun. Your 10-days is almost up, and then the rest is history and you will leave that town forever. I don't have to ask if that makes you happy. :)

    Thanks for blogging. I love your positive attitude and your viewpoint on so many things. Keep your chin up and know we are all cheering for you.

  4. Thanks for posting a picture with Lucy in it. I am glad to know she made it safely. I am hoping that I will not be too long in getting back. You will probably already be in Kiev by the time I return. Best wishes!

  5. So fun! I love Lucy. She is such a sweetheart. Oh...LOL...and no, there was no pun intended in there. :)

    I totally forgot to get a picture of the lockers there! How could I have forgotten that?? Some stores had lockers, but no keys. I just took my backpack in in that case. With permission, of course.