Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 33

This is Yulia on the escalator going down to the subway.

Sasha and Vitaliy on the escalator

Sasha is always reaching for the camera.  I am lucky if I get it for a minute.

The is lunch at the mall food court.


Still sight-seeing

That is Sasha up there.  He wanted his picture taken

We are officially DONE!!!!!

We were up early today.  Lucy had to meet a friend traveling through Kiev at the train station at 6:00 am and Sasha and Yulia were scheduled to arrive at the same time.  So she visited with her friend until she had to catch the next train and brought Sasha and Yulia home.  It worked out really well.  It is a bit awkward to communicate but we make it work.  Of course, it only works because of Lucy.  I needed to get to Lucy’s brother’s work to buy the boys’ tickets so we took the “metro”, which is the subway across town.  It took three stops.  I really think the subway is fun.  Yulia and her purse got stuck in the doors as they closed so Vitaliy had to spread them apart to get her unstuck.  As I walked  through the underground tunnels I just don’t see how anyone finds their way unless they are with someone that has done it before.  From the metro station across town we walked to his work.  I had all the documents I needed with me but needed to call Natasha to get the passport numbers because they still had those with them and would need them later today.  Then when I ran my credit card, it didn’t take.  Well, Andy and I had worked it out with our credit card company already that they knew I was traveling and would make purchases here.  Turns out it wasn’t my bank.  The Ukraine bank had to enter a special code when running the card and all turned out well.  We had to purchase them by noon to get that price and this was all happening at five minutes to noon so there was a bit of stress involved.

We walked from there back to the subway and came back to our side of town.  The boys and I were being picked up to go to our Embassy appointment so we had a half an hour to eat at the food court at the mall and then head back to the apartment.  Elaina had already picked up the medical paperwork and gave it to me along with the passports and other documents.  She dropped us at the Embassy and took us to the door.  I could have gone myself though because today I was feeling confident with my environment.  I have gotten much more comfortable here compared to when I first came.  I can go into a store by myself and figure it all out.  Anyway… I made it through security check with only nail clippers in my purse this time.  I was really trying not to have that problem but I missed those.  I went right back to the window at adoptions and we were helped right away.  I had been told that this could take up to a couple of hours but it went quickly.  As I sat there waiting, I realized that I was sitting in a little piece of the United States.  That felt good.  They have this video playing and it plays our national athem and there are people, including George Bush, speaking about being American.  That felt even better.  I realized that all we had worked to do was being completed in just a short time and it would be over.  That felt the best.  I actually felt the tears coming and had to fight them away.  Last thing I needed was to walk up to the window to get the visas and start crying like a baby.

He asked for the missing paperwork, checked the passports and asked us to have a seat until we were called to the other window.  We were called right away and I had to raise my right hand and swear that all information I presented was accurate, which I did.  He said hello to the boys, asked their age and that was it.  He said if we were lucky he would double check everything and have the Visa’s done in an hour.  We had them in 10-15 minutes and we were done!  He gave me everything I needed.  I was legally and lawfully ready to leave the country! 

Once we got back to the apartment we went out for a short sight-seeing tour and headed to the market.  Sasha and Yulia wanted to make us borsch for dinner.  I still have never had it.  When we got back from the market they started dinner.  I didn’t have to help but I took notes so I could make it at home.  They presented us a beautiful dinner and it was great!  I mean it was really great! 

We are all pretty tired and will be going to bed soon.  There are many questions I have for his brother and sister but I am really not sure about asking them yet.  We will see. 

I love you all!!!!  Our flight will be landing in Salt Lake City this Friday, the 15th at 2:10 pm.  We are leaving Kiev Friday morning at 6:30 am and flying through Paris.  We only have an hour and 50 minute layover and should make our connecting flight without a problem. 


  1. How wonderfully exciting to be done and have tickets home! And to think you were afraid you'd miss Easter! :) So happy for all of you and can't wait to see you!

  2. I can't believe it!!!!!! You did it and you are finally coming home!!!!! I am so happy for you - for all of you!!

    I love you and can't wait to you are finally back in the US on Friday!!!!

    Love, Karen

  3. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait to see you on Friday!! I'm so glad that you have a chance to visit with Vitaliy's brother and sister. That is great. So glad to hear that the embassy was quick for you, too. Sleep well:)

  4. That's awesome the embassy went so quickly for you! It took us a bit longer, but we made it still. :)

    Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!!!!

  5. Wonderful news - Can't wait to see all of you. Have a safe trip. Linda says the same. Took her and the two little ones to lunch at the Pizza Factory. Tiffany joined us there then we went to WalMart. Enjoy your trip home. We all love you so very much. Mom

  6. Oh, that Borsch looks SO good! Is that green borsch? The red borsch has beets in it. I love that stuff. My wife made a big pot or red borsch the other day and it brought back so many memories. Believe it or not, there are many aspects of Ukraine you will miss -- someday.

    So excited that you are winding down. We look forward to seeing you at the airport!

  7. So glad to hear that you are done and will be home in just a few days! What a relief! I'm sorry I will miss your return. I am leaving for Idaho on Friday for my nieces wedding. But, we'll catch up when I get back. It will be nice to see you and get to know your boys. Congratulations and best wishes in the days ahead! Love Ya!....-Shirley. :)

  8. I'm sure excited to see you! It looks like you had fun with your day together. Can't wait to see you. You may not even get to read this until you are home! How great is that!