Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 27

This is one of the overpasses we cross when we are out walking. 

The water quality in Zap is one of the worst in Ukraine.  This isn't a bad picture, that is really the color of the water and what is worse is we have seen many people fishing in that water. 

This is one of the train/trolleys that are very old.  During rush hour these trains are packed so tight people are shoved up against the glass.  I am so not kidding about that.  I told Andy the first time I saw that that if it were me I would never be in such a hurry that I would take it that full.  Then I laughed my head off when the next one drove by just as full.  I will walk, thank you very much!

Sasha took this picture and Lucy and I.  Did I tell you how great it is to have Lucy with me!

I love this kid!!!!!!

This is one of the dances.  They did such a great job and the boys didn't seem embarrassed at all.

I really enjoyed their performance.

The girl on the left is the younger of the two that is being adopted by the Florida couple.

These kids are from Sasha's class.

This is the older sister that is going to Florida.  Boy, can she sing!

More dancing.

I had seen the girls practicing for this one upstairs.

These are Russian playing cards.  From left to right is the Ace, King, Queen and Jack.  The first time I played with these cards I was playing Speed and it was hard to tell what was what.  The rest of the cards are the same.

I love this picture.  This boy in the white hoodie is one of those kids that melts your heart with his smile.  He is such a great kid!

This is Lucy in front of the Church entry.

One of the Elders is taking his turn at bowling.  He is a new Elder and it was interesting to watch him struggle a bit with the language when he gave the Spiritual message.  He did great though.  It is a hard language to learn.

This is a picture of while we played the Scripture Chase. The missionary with his hand up is from Kaysville, next to him is a member, the one next to him, the one that looks taller with blonde hair is from Idaho and the one on the far right with his hand up just a bit is from Draper.  I was sitting next to a sister from Logan.  There is also a sister from Moscow and Washington.

We woke up to another rainy day…rain in Ukraine, weird huh!?!  It didn’t stop us though.  We headed out for another day of walking.  By the time we came home we were fairly soaked.  I had to redo my hair.  I tried to skype home to talk with Andy but I couldn’t get Skype to work.  It is hard to keep in contact with him because he isn’t at home or near a computer very often. 

The pictures I have posted didn't turn out too good.  My camera has been through the ringer while we have been here and the lens is pretty much ruined so sorry the pics are fuzzy.

We headed to the orphanage just after 2:30.  Vitaliy’s brother and sister did not come today.  Probably because they travel by foot and bus and the weather was so bad.  We did have a great time visiting the boys though.  The kids at the orphanage are gearing up for a 50 year celebration of their orphanage so we were able to watch them practice.  They danced and sang.  There were dances with boys and girls, dances with just girls and another girl performed two solos.  She sang beautifully.  She and her sister are the two being adopted by the couple from Florida.  Her sister danced in several of the dances.  These kids are so talented.  You can tell they love to perform. 

We pulled out the Monopoly game first and started a game.  That game is such a hit.  Apparently the kids played all evening last night.  We were surrounded by kids when we played and I also played cards with one of Vitaliy’s friends. 

Again, it brought tears to my eyes today as I looked around the room at all those kids.  It was easy to pick out the ones I have watched all these weeks and I just wanted so badly for them to have homes and families.  If anyone even considers adoption just know that picking out a child to adopt is the easiest part of the entire process.  The paperwork and red tape are the hard things.  The kids are so easy to love and it doesn’t take long to get connected with any of them.  Because of the practicing, the cantina was filled with kids of all ages.  It was a great time to be there to enjoy their company. 

It was hard to leave the kids today.  It is getting harder and harder.  Sasha walks me out every time and he wants so badly for me to take him.  He just stood there and watched us drive away.  It broke my heart.  I cannot WAIT to be able to take them out and home.  Can’t wait!

We had the driver drop us off at the Church afterward.  Tonight was the Branch’s Family Home Evening.  We had a lesson given by one of the missionaries and then they asked us all to say our name and a little bit about ourselves.  When they got to me I told them that I was there to adopt two children and I had eight biological children at home….I got applause!  After that we played scripture chase.  They split us into two teams and called out a scripture.  The first team to find the scripture read it and then they got to bowl with a tennis ball and empty milk bottles. I didn’t understand much but it didn’t matter.  The Spirit there was great.  They had asked me earlier what I have liked about Ukraine since I have been here and I told them that I liked the fact that the Church is here. 

I had so many wonderful experiences today.  They all center around our Savior’s love.  Everything good that happens to me, every great feeling or moment I have each day comes because I know that he lives and loves me.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

I love you all and I cannot WAIT to come home.  I just can’t wait!  I miss you all so much and look forward to seeing everyone – hopefully soon!!!


  1. I'm so excited for you to come home too!!!!! I love reading your posts. :) Keep 'um coming!

  2. Well, we can't wait til you and the boys get here as well. It's great to see the kids dancing. Didn't know they had activities such as that. Maybe your kids can learn the English version of Monopoly when they are here. I have the game (you can have it). Hang in there and stay safe. Love the pictures. Love Mom

  3. I just figured that you're living so close to the Spirit that the fuzziness in your pictures must be heavenly light?
    Great post and how wonderful to go to FHE! I envy how close you are to a branch. We only made it to church one in Dnipro and then stake conference in Kiev.
    It rained a lot when we were there too and that river....makes me sick to think about it.

  4. We are all excited for your adventure in Ukraine to end and for you to be home safe and sound in the USA. We have eight biological children and 2 Ukrainian imports too and trust me.... you deserved every bit of that applause :) Hang in there and hope to see you and the boys very soon.
    The Hinksons

  5. I'm sorry I haven't taken time this week to get on this and tell you about your kids. The truth is I was traveling Tuesday to Arizona (nice weather at 85 degrees) for my wonderful annual evaluation and on Sunday we went to visit Grandma for conference weekend. Sorry you didn't get to hear it all! It is always so refreshing and energizing to hear so many words of encouragement and know you have so many blessings! I did speak to Andy finally and he was working like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest like usual. He's a worker that dude is! I have to say we missed him greatly and we're missing you too. Somehow we know your doing what's right and miracles will happen as faith continues to being demonstrated. You are an inspiration to a lot of people and if you will share the birthday list with us when you get back, we would love to share in the fun of getting those boys gifts so they have their first birthday in America like no other!
    I went to Round Table tonight and Jocelyn Blackhurt came for her first time, which was nice to see. They talked about safe Scouting and how we need to get our leaders trained (like usual). What is different was the Scouts need a tour permit for everything. They want them 3 weeks in advance so when you get back we need to orgainze a key scouters meeting to see how this can be more efficiently handled. This weekend is our Stake Conference weekend so I have a ton on my plate with that, the Kiwanis prayer breakfast Saturday morning and writing my weekly assignment for my MBA class. I'm done with it on Taffy's birthday, which is 17 weeks from now.
    Good luck, we're still praying you'll get your paperwork done early!

  6. Oh. My. That is some sick (as in gross, not cool) water in that river. It looks like a bunch of little kids rinsed their watercolor brushes in it. Love the pictures from today!! I LOVE that funny picture of Sasha:) Can Lucy come to Zap w/ me?! I'm so glad you have her there with you.

  7. I am so jealous of the dance performance you got to see! I haven't had a lot of time to just sit around on the computer reading and skyping. I love your pictures and I am so happy you have Lucy there with you!

  8. This is try number four at posting a comment...have really enjoyed reading your blog posting. You have a great talent with words. You have certainly given me a "feel" for the place and the things you are dealing with. I'll pray that things continue to go well for you and those boys.