Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 34

We were on our walk to the pizza place

Sasha & Myck were walking with the Ipod.  Each had a headphone in one ear and they were singing Lady Gaga!  Very entertaining!

We were getting ready to order.

These two were fun to watch.  They are always trying to avoid the camera.  Got them this time.

This kid can eat!  He had a great time.

I Love Lucy!!!!

This is our waiter...I wish his name tag came out in the picture.

This is like baby's first hair cut.

There goes the back!

Turned out great....just like his brothers.

Little Sasha wanted Big Sasha in the picture.  Little Sasha wants his name changed to Benjamin Thomas.  We have been trying to call him Benji all day.

Brother & Sister

Two peas in a pod.  Gotta watch out when these two are together.

Last night in Kiev.  It was a beautiful night out on the town.

Last day in Kiev!  Better be anyway.  I tried to get up late so the day would be shorter but that didn’t work.  The Cooks showed up at our apartment and we all walked to that same pizza parlor by the SDA.  There we met up with Natasha and Renee and Myck.  I think we took up half the place.  It was fun to go there one last time.  The kids had a great time because there were seven of them from the same orphanage.  It really was fun.  Then our family, along with Vitaliy’s brother and sister, and also Renee and Myck went to get Vitaliy’s hair cut…..Yeah!!!  He looks great.  After that we went in search of a suitcase for us.  We did not have enough space in our luggage for everything and after we found one and I packed, I filled it completely.  We then came home for a while to recoup and let Renee use the computer to contact her family. She hasn’t had a computer since her husband left and needed to respond to a ton of emails.  After a while at home we headed out to dinner and a walk to the Billa market to buy all the chocolate my family has been asking for.  While we went to the market, Lucy helped Renee and Myck find their apartment and we met up a little later.  We had a nice stroll through the beautiful lit up Kiev.  It was actually really nice.  Now back at the apartment we are making the final preparations for tomorrow morning.  We have to leave a 4 am.  I don’t care how early it is…..I am so excited.

I look forward to seeing everyone and miss you all so much.  I have found that these last few days are easier if I don’t have much contact from home because life has been challenging these last few days.  Please continue to pray that we get home safely.  I have had many moments through this whole adventure where I start to get worried or nervous.  Whenever that happens the Spirit reminds me by saying…Trust Me…  I do trust Him.  I have complete trust in Him…if I didn’t I would never have made it through.  Thank you for following our adventure and thank you for your love and support.  I look forward to thanking you in person very soon!


  1. The mullet is gone!! I was going to play some Billy Idol when he got of the plane to set the mood. :D

    You have done well. Your next post will be from the USA!! And being nervous is normal. You have every right to be a little concerned about the unknown. The first year is full of learning for everyone. You will look back 1 year from now and will not believe how far you have come.

    We can't wait to see you. Congratulations again.

  2. Yea!!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

  3. I second Andreas....and it will be all right. I love this quote:
    In the end it will all be okay, if it's not okay yet then it's not the end!
    I've been terrible at getting to the airport to see everyone home so please blog after you hug on all your homegrown kids, sleep in your own bed, and dry off with your fluffy soft towels dried in a dryer!
    The adventure is not over...this was just chapter one! Keep blogging, you'll love to look back and see just how far you've all come!

  4. Hooray for the hair cut!!! I can't wait to see you:) I hope you keep blogging so that I can watch for advice!! You are my hero. Now, if just one of us could move closer...

  5. Congratulations, Kim!! Safe travels the rest of the way home...and enjoy every minute of your sweet reunion with your entire family together at last. I look forward to hearing all about the settling in and to seeing you with your beautiful family soon. Thanks for sharing your tender are an inspiring woman. Good luck!