Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 1

We made it!!! Three planes and 26 hours later. We had a great day of travel, though. All the airports were really nice. I mean REALLY nice. The one in Amsterdam was like being in a mall. I almost forgot where we were except for the very heavy bag on my shoulder. We had a five hour or so layover there and that went by a little slow. Our first flight we were not seated together but the flight attendant was able to move us so we sat at the bulk head and it was very spacious. The second and longest flight was somewhere between eight and ten hours long. We were sitting in the middle two seats of a row of four but it turned out to be very comfortable. It was hard to sleep. The last flight to Ukraine was nice again but everything around us started to be very foreign. We definately weren't in Kansas anymore. I would say that 80+ percent of that flight was Ukrainians. We were not seated together on that flight but hubby sat in the seat in front of me and we each had a window seat...that was nice.

We were met at the airport and went to the store to get some food and a sim card. My phone from home works with the sim so that worked out nicely.

We are in our apartment now and were able to get a hold of one of the other families. He came by and we will be meeting them for dinner soon. Hopefully we will get to see the others soon.

By the time we were heading to the apartment it was getting dark so we couldn't see a lot. We will see more tomorrow though. I think we will be on our own to tour the city.

Our apartment is on the main street through the downtown area and busy with people walking and cars driving by. We have a balcony that we can go out on and watch, its pretty cool.

I will post again soon!


  1. I can't wait to get to Kyiv! It sounds beautiful and fascinating! I hope that you were able to meet up with some of the families and that you will be able to be a support to each other while you are all in this country together. Kind of like a little bit of home:) Keep blogging! I hope you can relax a little now that you are there-at least for a day or so:)

  2. Glad you made it there fine. Best wishes in the days ahead. Know that you will be close in thought and prayer. Hope you get some rest too. Be safe and well. Love you!! -Shirley