Thursday, March 31, 2011

Side Note to Court

I forgot to mention that the judge had asked if we had something from America that he could have. He apparently collects things from international adoptions. Well, all I could think of was money and didn't think that that would go over too well. Hubby was wearing his Heart of Scouting pin on his lapel so we gave that to him. Well, apparently he was very excited and loved it. So, for us, it was really cool to think that we left our Heart of Scouting - First Duty to God First - in the county of Ukraine in the hands of a court huh?!?


  1. This was one of the coolest things I've heard about how the Heart of Scouting has helped people. I looked up the Heart of Scouting requirements for anyone to earn the pin. A person must participate in the First Duty First training, make a list of 10 things you believe are important for you to do as you try to do your best to do your duty to God then spend at least 3 hours in service where the sole purpose is to do your duty to God. Finally, make a personal commitment to put duty to God first in your life!
    Giving that pin away seems somehow symbolic of you guys doing your duty to God and these boys. I'm sure you could write 10 things you believe are important to do your duty to your boys and your family. Thanks for sharing that story and God bless you as you continue the odyssey. We are grateful for the blessings you felt in court and the guiding influence of the Holy Ghost!