Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3

Well, I couldn't sleep again last night. Fell asleep close to 5 am. I thought the night would never end. We skyped our kids before going to bed but our oldest wasn't home so I promised to skype her at our time 8 am. Then, I couldn't get skype to load. It took about an hour and then we were able to talk to her, that was nice. We were scheduled to be picked up for our appointment at 11:45. Our appointment was at 12:00. We made it there. It seems that office has been a revolving door for our group for the last two days. We met one of our friends coming out. The appointment took all of five minutes and we were done. It was only for our older boy because we get one appointment, have to take the overnight train to visit him with witnesses, take the overnight train back, go to another appointment, wait a day to pick up the letter, take the overnight train back again and visit the second boy. Then we should be able to stay there for a while. We will probably be the only family here when we come back. It should be fine. We really didn't learn anything new from our appointment but they did show us the kids pictures when they were younger and that was great. They were so cute!
We all met at a pizza place accross from the office two different times today. We had pizza at lunch time and hot chocolate (which is chocolate syrup in a cup) and shared a strawberry filled crepe (or pancake as they say). It was a great place to eat.
Between the two times at the pizza place we drove to the notary. Can I just say that driving here is an experience all in itself. The streets are filled with very nice cars...audi's, bmw's, etc...but the driving is CRAZY! We couldn't find the seatbelts in the taxi. That guy could really drive though. I felt safer with him than I did with a woman who drove us. There are no lanes...there are no speed limits....the horn is used very, very often. It really isn't necessary to use it either. The light turns green and the cab driver immediately hits the horn. Now I know whose honking all those horns every night. We did make it safely to our destination. But, we are taking a cab to the temple tomorrow and it is farther away...that should be an experience.
We went to the notary office. It is a hole in the wall place very interesting decor I must say. There were several small offices, some with kind of a quilted vinyl on the doors. Very old inside. We signed where we were supposed to. Then all of a sudden the doors opened and all these people came in. I have no idea why they were there. There really were not the nicely dressed people I have seen on the streets. I am sure they were nice enough, they just looked different. One woman sat next to me and I was overcome with an interesting smell. Couldn't quite place it but I had to turn my head and try to get fresh air. Still can't place the smell but I was grateful when it was her time to leave.
It really was a pleasant day. We enjoyed being with the other couples here and there will be more tomorrow. We are going to watch a movie and hopefully be able to fall asleep tonight because we are meeting earlier tomorrow morning.
Please continue to pray for us because we do have issues with our second (younger) boy and we will need prayers to make it all work out. We miss home, family and friends!


  1. We will indeed pray for your success with your little guy. He's such a cute kid and needs to be with you.

    I love the part about the smells. There are so many aromas in Ukraine that we don't quite experience here in America. At least not in our area. You will be there for quite a while and get used to them, and then when you are home, down the road, you will smell something and your brain will immediately yell Ukraine at you and the memories will flood back.

    Good luck in your travels going back and forth. Hang in there! God bless you guys.

  2. Hi Kim and Andy

    Just a quickie to let you know I miss you both very much. You are in my prayers everyday. Love from Mom

  3. Yes, the smells will take you back in a heartbeat! When I walk into the "Russian Store" (European Connection) here in Murray....it's like being in Ukraine all over again.
    Word to the wise: when riding the bus, do not breath deeply.....just saying....
    Prayers coming your way from this side of the world. Alex said one the other day "Bless families in Ukraine that kids say yes!" So not only our prayers but the prayers of only little guy who know what's in store for these kids!

  4. Hi Kim
    I wanted to ask why you could not use your sky mile? we had planned on using our, any tips? I wish we were over there and our hopes and prayers are with all you guys!

  5. We had to buy our tickets so late. Sky miles only has so many passengers per flight that they allow and you have to take a round about way sometimes when you use them. We would have had to fly in and out of LAX and we only had enough skymiles for one of us. It takes almost 100,000 miles per ticket. I hope that works for your trip. Maybe we can use our miles to take at least one of the kids home. Thanks for your comments and well wishes. It is amazingly great to hear from you all while we are here! it really helps!!!