Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 7 - I think???

I don't know what day it is anymore. But I do know that it was a good one! We slept good again last night. Well, hubby always sleeps good. I have to admit it was hard to fall asleep because it was so wonderful to see the kids I couldn't stop thinking about it. After we were up and dressed we went for a walk up and down the main street in Zap. It is not nearly as crowded as Kiev. It was cold, especially when the wind blew. It was great to get out for a walk though. We do not have internet in this apartment so we have to buy an aircard, which, by the way, you cannot video skype with. I haven't talked to my kids at home since before we left Kiev. I miss them but I feel their prayers. Hubby and I got brave and went to the phone store, because they are everywhere. We found someone who spoke as much English as I speak Russian and managed to get this phone card and more minutes added to my phone. By the way, I can take incoming calls without taking minutes from my phone here, it just costs you there. So kids, you can call me if needed!

Anyway, our ride showed up to take us to the orphanage right after that. We have an amazing facilitator. She works from sun up to sun down without stopping for anything. I keep trying to get her to eat. We went and signed more papers and then were able to go the orphanage to see the kids. They were very happy to see us. We brought the soccer balls today and they loved them. We also brought some gum to pass out to everyone. They really enjoyed that also. There was us and four other couples upstairs in a gathering room and our kids were with us. Other kids were coming in to hang out and some would come and go. Some kids were playing with our ipods, games, phones and cameras and some were getting their nails done, some were playing cards. I felt like we were sitting in this family room just hanging out enjoying each other's company. These children love to be loved. They are so sweet and so fun to be with. Time just went by so fast. The kids would come up and just start talking to you. Love is a universal language and it seems you just know what to do. I wish we could take them all home. There are so many of them.

Our kids stayed with us the whole time we were there. We had to leave once to sign something else so when we came back we just called the older one on his phone and he found us and the younger one just seemed to know that we were there. I have to say that our kids are even more affectionate with us then they were when they lived with us. It was a WONDERFUL day with them!

Before I knew it it was time to go. We said goodbye and told them we would be back tomorrow. After we were dropped off at our apartment we walked to the store to get some food. I love the fact that we have to walk everywhere. Shopping is actually alot of fun. Even though I cannot read the labels I habitually keep looking at them like I can. It is really a fun experience. I am enjoying this trip. Can't wait to come home though.

As far as our situation is concerned things are looking very, very good. I will give details

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