Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 15

Today was a simple day...have to have those sometimes. We did not get up early, we just got up when we woke up. That was really often does that happen. I actually exercised today, just a little. This is the first time in two weeks and for those of you who know me you know that is not the norm. We showered and went out for a walk. We are staying just off Lenin Street so we walked 35 minutes up the street and then back down. We stopped at some stores on the way back. The clothes are so expensive here. Just a simple white nice blouse was like 70 to 80 dollars. It is so odd to me that the clothes are so expensive. The shoes too. We found a store that sells Vans shoes and they are way more expensive than at home. We have been told that people will save up their money and buy a really nice outfit and go without food all for the sake of style. I believe that because I have never seen so many skinny women in one place before. They are all dressed really nicely and wear fancy coats. They never take the coats off even inside the store. Then I have been told they go home, put away their nice clothes and put on their home outfit. They seem to wear the same one or two outfits always. Anyway...just interesting.

After our walk we came home, made a quick lunch and then we were picked up to go to the orphanage. We shared a van with another couple which is helpful with costs. Hubby and I played soccer with 9-10 boys for about an hour and a half. They just love playing with him....he is tons of fun! We had found our younger boy first and we started to play outside with him. After yesterday's little talk with the older one I was slightly reluctant to call him when I couldn't find him. So I finally did and when he answered he said..."I want to be with you". He found us right away and hung out with us the whole time we were there. Apparently he took our talk to heart. I was glad and relieved. I took a few pictures of us playing soccer but really can't post the pictures until we solve our internet problems so it will have to wait. After soccer we put together some puzzles. Today we hung out in the cafeteria area and not upstairs so we were not surrounded by little kids. Our older boy liked this but I did miss the other children. Our friends were up their and they were smothered with kids. We did have that same boy from the other day hang out with us. He really likes us and insists on carry our bags and walking us to the car every day. He wants a family so badly and I wish we could bring him home too. I hope someone will come for this boy because he is the sweetest kid and loves to interact with us. He is 13 years old with slightly red hair and freckles and has no siblings if anyone is interested. I want to make a big poster and share his picture with everyone...but...I'm not allowed.

I received a lot of comments and some emails and we loved reading them. I enjoy reading your comments and emails as much as you all enjoy our blog. It's great to hear from home. We decided to stay home from the orphanage tomorrow but we will go back and see the kids on Monday. It is hard to come up with activities everyday and we are going to take the day to recoup, go to church and gear up for what we are hoping to be the week of our court hearing.

Thanks for you love and comments. Keep praying for us. We will keep you posted on everything!


  1. Aw, now you have to post pictures of the little boy with red hair and freckles!! He sounds like a a real charmer. He's hoping that you will take him home with you, as if it was that easy. Break my heart to hear about a child that wants a family so badly, and may never see one. You sure know how to tug the heart strings. If you cannot post a picture on your blog, maybe we can sneak one onto the Save A Child blog? :)

    I remember so well the clothes the ladies would wear there. While we were there, winter turned into spring. The warmer it got, the less the ladies wore. You have probably noticed the same thing. How in the world do they walk all over town in those high heels?!

    Sounds like as tough as it is, you are all hanging in there and growing closer to your boys every day. And growing closer to all of those kids. They are all children of God, just like the song says. It's sad that they are missing out on the 'has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear'. Your boys are truly blessed to be getting that.

  2. Geez, Andreas! Your comment tugs at the heart strings!! It is so sad. The whole situation of them all. sigh.

  3. Kim--
    I've just caught up with your adventure, via your Facebook post and link to this blog. I have loved reading about the experience you are having there. What a tremendous effort you are making! And what a blessing to your new boys! Add my prayers and thoughts as you complete all the hoops necessary to bring your boys home. I especially love the Spirit I feel as I read of your feelings and motherly worries for your boys and the other children there. Isn't it wonderful to know that a loving Heavenly Father loves them as well and has been watching over them to get them to the place that they will be part of your family at last?! Knowing Who is in charge of all of this is what will bring the peace needed to calm the anxiety that must sneak in. Keep writing about your travels and experiences. It is so moving to hear and feel right along with you. Safe travels and speedy legal work, as you collect your boys and bring them home. ♥