Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 18

It rained again today. We didn’t go to the orphanage today. We are trying to go every other day now. It saves on costs because the driver can be expensive. We went out for our daily walk and headed toward the outdoor market. Hubby really wanted some cookies that they sell there and it is a great place to buy candy to bring to the kids. It was raining pretty heavily by the time we got there so we had to buy an umbrella too. On our way there we saw three undercover cops handcuff and take some guy to a car. We are assuming they were the police but it’s hard to say. We stopped at the indoor market on the way home for some groceries and ran into family “F” with our friend whose husband left last night. We are making sure to keep her company because she is staying alone until Hubby leaves and then we will share an apartment. It was fun running into them at the market. We walked around with them and bought a Russian to English/English to Russian dictionary along with keyboard stickers for our computer at home. Hubby and I headed back home and watched a movie.

We all met at our favorite café for dinner later. It was a fun adventure to get there because we took the bus for the first time. It wasn’t a real bus as you would think it was one of those oversized Mercedes’ Vans converted to a mini-bus. We had to stand in the center aisle and you couldn’t see out of the windows because of the moisture from so many people. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it. Luckily the “F” family as a Ukrainian friend with them so she helped us get off at our stop. Some of these pictures were taken on our walk there and the pictures of the apartments are the neighboring apartment buildings to us. Our current apartment is in the blue building. It is the one (two windows) that is on the second floor to the right of the front door if you were standing facing our building. We had a great dinner with the “H” family and their five children that flew in this week, the “C” family, the “F” family with their two children and friend and our hubbyless friend along with the interpreter that goes to court with each of us. She was preparing the “H” family on their court hearing which is tomorrow. At this point we are 80% sure that our court will be Thursday. We should know for sure by tomorrow.

Hubby and I, along with the Ukrainian friend walked home from the restaurant. It was about an hour or so walk but we needed it after that dinner. We were home by 9:15pm just as the fog rolled in. Walking to our apartment, especially at night, is like right out of a scary movie. It doesn’t look safe and it especially didn’t seem that way with the fog. Every night you can hear packs of stray dogs fighting. My friend said she witnessed that during the day once and it was an ugly sight. We feel safe enough, though. Another day down!

As always we miss you all so much. I will feel a little better when Hubby is home safe and sound with the kids. Once he is gone I will be able to stay with our friend. She should be here another week but at that point everyone will be heading back to the states. I should only be alone in Zap for just over one week and then I can get the boys and head to Kiev. I feel much more secure in Kiev. It’s all good and I am looking forward to the day when all this is a memory to share. Thanks for your love, support and comments. We love you all!!!


  1. How fun to have so many of our families there at the same time! I was rejoiced in seeing the families arrive that came after me. It's like being in the trenches together, isn't it? No one really understands unless they've experienced it for themselves.
    I was alone a bit and it is a little scary, just wear your head phones and pretend you can't HEAR anyone as opposed to UNDERSTAND anyone. Don't go out after dark, and blog lots! (Although it will feel like Ground Hog day, the same thing day after day!) You can do it!
    Great pictures.
    I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Someday this will all be a blink, right now it feels like a big black eye, but someday a blink! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks for the update and the pictures. It's good to see you all smiling. If you get a chance, and want a good laugh while in Kiev, there is ONE Mexican restaurant there, and somehow we found it. It took forever to get served, and it was the sorriest excuse for a burrito I'd ever seen. :)

    Keep smiling and stay safe! God bless.

  3. maybe they'd let you stay in the orphanage. better yet, when it's time to go, stand on a toilet and hide until it's all dark and then come out and find an empty bed:) haha. you'll be just fine! really wish i was there!! i can't wait to see you!!!!!

  4. The pictures are great. I tried to search some of those names you wrote to me and couldn't find much yet. It takes a little time and I didn't have much tonight with the Pinewood Derby. Your boys made sure brother Richins knew that Dusty's birthday is tomorrow. All the boys had a good time. They had to take one of the 3 drill bits out of Dusty's car to keep it under weight. Matthew and Tyler tied for the win; talk about identical cars for twins. Emma said Dave really gets into it. I was just happy Zach's car won a few races. Dusty's was about the same. I had Addi take some pictures of Dusty so I will see if they looked good enough to send you.
    Your older sons were there with friends cheering on all the cars. The Lloyd's made some really good cupcakes for all who came. It was about like normal so you didn't miss much except seeing the smiles and the excitement on the kids faces. They painted all the faces of the boys as if the boys were working on a motor and it blew up. It was really funny! The kids got time afterwards just to place their cars on the track and let them run and that is as much fun as anything we did all night. Most fathers would like to do it that way anyway. The cool prize was the free Purple Turtle shake coupon that all the boys got for participating. I'm going to ask Steve why the Dad's didn't get a coupon after all the work, for crying out loud! They also received a coupon for a free dozen donuts at Daylight donuts, even though that isn't as hot a commodity in some homes (if you are used to them).
    Good luck on Thursday with the legal stuff. We are hoping and praying for you and that all will go well no matter what.

  5. I'm SO jealous you've all got each other out there! Thank goodness I had Masha though. I don't know what I would have done without her! I'm loving your updates too, by the way. I think about you everyday and wonder what fun adventures you're having. :) Hang in there and good luck on your court!!!! Miss you!

  6. Love the pictures and your daily comments. It really makes a difference when you miss someone. Are the boys still enthusiastic about coming to America? Hope your court appearance goes well. Remember - 'and this too shall pass'. Hope you don't go out at night by yourself. Looking forward to you all coming home. Love Mom