Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 13

We ran like crazy today. We were off the train at 6:45 am and straight to work. It was Hubby and I and our friends. We picked up the inspector and headed to the orphanage to our appointment with the director at 8:30 am. This appointment was for our younger boy and our friend’s youngest boy (they are adopting three siblings). We had a great reunion again with our youngest. I posted a picture I took of how he holds Hubby’s hands every time he sees him. The boys wrote their letters, which took a little time because they have to write it just so and they are both younger.

After that our facilitator had to take the papers and drive all over the place to be signed, notarized and who knows what else. There is still an issue with our youngest separation but should be worked out soon. Soon is the issue right now because Hubby’s flight depends on getting a court day at the beginning of next week. For work purposes we are hoping and praying for that so please help us with your prayers on that one.

We played with some of the kids at the orphanage today. The younger kids love the game UNO. They are very sweet and fun to play with but they are very territorial. Our youngest gets really made at anyone who gets too close to Hubby and I. Our oldest was being a bit of a pill today and didn’t hang out with us much which was pretty annoying but as soon as we started hanging out with another boy his age he just happened to show up and join us. I am starting to feel the beginning of our next challenge in life and it doesn’t look like much fun. Life is full of trial doors closing and others opening up isn’t it!

We finally stopped running around at 6pm. We hadn’t eaten or drank much of anything all day. We were tired and hungry so we took our facilitator to dinner and then we went to our apartment. It is a very nice apartment with a kitchen stove that works and I heard it has a good shower. I am looking forward to that. We met our other friends at the store and went to their apartment for a visit then we walked home. I hope to skype our kids and go to bed. I miss home and I miss my family. I look forward to the end our journey but I am trying so hard to enjoy the ride. Love you all!


  1. What's up with the older boy? That's the second time you mentioned his attitude. Hope all goes well with him. Love your account of everything that's going on. Particularly like the pictures. I put you and your hubby's name in the temple this week. Miss you both, and my prayers are with you always. Love Mom

  2. When we have been to the orphanage the older boy tends to not hang out with us and the last two times has drifted off. Today I used our interpreter (who is wonderful) and had my first mother/son serious talk. He has a difficult time hanging out with us when we have 20 or more kids all wanting to play with us and they are all under the age of 10 (totally fun for us). Not fun for a teenager. We discussed how we each feel about this and mutual respect for each other today. We also talked about my most valuable lesson my mother ever taught me..."do unto others as you would have the do unto you". This is a difficult concept probably because of how people have done unto them all their lives. Our talk went great, attitudes all gone and everything is fine. It was a great visit today...I will blog in a bit. We are trying to get skype to work right now. I love my mother so much and miss her very much!!!